Injury-Free Workplace

Like any reputable protective coatings company, we put safety at the forefront of our focus. We strive to maintain an injury-free workplace in order to keep our team members and customers safe and out of harm’s way. We recognize that many elements of this type of work can potentially lead to harm or injury, which is why we’ve taken steps to educate our team members on how to prevent accidents in the workplace.

We provide an extensive training program for all of our employees that include ways to identify potentially dangerous scenarios and steps to take in order to prevent them from becoming serious injuries. We understand that in our business, dangerous situations can, and will arise, and it’s our priority to maintain the safety of our team members and the safety of the public.

Drug-Free Company

We are a 100% drug and alcohol free workplace. We’ve established stringent, zero-tolerance policies that enforce compliance across the entire company. These policies aid in the reduction of preventable drug-related injuries and ensure safety for both our team members and for the public.

Employee Safety Training

We’ve developed best practices and guidelines for safety through the implementation of safety training plans. Each plan is designed to train a team member on how to handle various scenarios while they are out at a work site. We work with everyone, from contractors to project managers, to develop these strategies that meet the needs of our clients, while also putting safety first. 

Our safety plans educate on how to prevent a variety of hazardous situations, from wearing proper eye protection, to proper harnessing on commercial building, to knowing where the customer is at all times. Our goal is to make sure that our employees are well-prepared for any potentially dangerous scenario that may arise.

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